Meridian Capital is a leading venture capital institution in TMT sector in China

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    Lingmou AI

    Lingmou AI, founded in August 2017, is an Al technology company that focuses on retail scenarios and provides intelligent solutions through machine vision. It mainly provides standard reports and technical services such as image and video recognition for brand manufacturers, sales channels and market research companies.


    3dnest is the world's leading supplier of 3D scanning equipment and services. It was founded in Beijing in April 2014, integrating product development, production and sales. The 3D scanning camera, scanning technology and 3D graphics algorithm can quickly reconstruct the large scene, and provide the user with low cost, high efficiency and convenient 3D scene clone.


    Founded in 2014 by the returnee team, DeepBlueAI technology is an important enterprise of the fast rising world class artificial intelligence first echelon, which is committed to the basic research and application development of artificial intelligence technology.


    Xqiao is committed to designing intelligent interactive treadmills with industry-changing features such as multiple players, scene simulation, data monitoring and professional guidance. Through a unique intelligent treadmill experience, Xqiao aims to make users fall in love with running, offer a better sports environment for running lovers, and create an Internet-connected sports community for users to share their sports achievements with others.

    JI Running Bar

    JI Running Bar is an unmanned runner project. The running warehouse looks like a telephone booth and in-fact is an intelligent gym.


    Zhiguagua.com is a professional provider of intellectual property services and operations of e-commerce platform, and is co-founded by Internet professionals with many years of experience in intellectual property. Zhiguagua is committed to providing users with patent applications, trademark registration, copyright registration, patent evaluation, patent hatching, patent transactions and other one-stop intellectual property services.


    Xmebank is positioned as a one-stop service platform for catering and financial services. Through our ability to acquire and analyze big data in the catering industry, we integrate the credit and risk control standards of different financial institutions to form unique and practical dynamic credit and provide systematic solutions for catering and finance.


    Tmeng.cn , founded in 2012, is the leading digital content innovation platform in China.  Insisting "talent and data" as the cornerstone of a collection of internet film planning, it has a lot of advantages in production, incubation, derivative development capabilities and resources. Tmeng.cn produces an average  number of 150 internet movies and 100 network drama per year.


    LanBaiHong Pte Ltd is committed to movie theaters, TV show, network drama and other various types of television programs for investment, production and distribution. It creates the whole industry chain, which is a new high starting point and great platform. 


    Putiandi.com is the leading domestic pop-up store site-rental platform, focuses on short-term commercial space leasing. With big data as the core, Putiandi.com provides shopping malls atrium, square, side hall, such as short-term (day, week, month, etc.) leasing services for all types of brands to help these brands achieve commodity sales, customer access, brand communications, market research and so on.


    BeautyQ is the leading fashion short video company in China; owns the fashion broker MCN, a number of well-known fashion IPs, as well as the 25 million users of BeautyQ APP.

  • Fireball

    Founded in 2015, Fireball has been making effort to build up an one-stop shopping center through its integrated goods database, back-office supports for both suppliers and advisors and closed-loop transaction flow that connecting thousands of suppliers and millions of customers together.


    www.youshu.cc includes App,  WeChat public account matrix, and WeChat group broadcast platform. Youshu now has formed reading masters plus voice book plus group discussion plus live sharing, which is a multi-dimensional service system and platform.


    Qi-cloud is a dedicated virtual desktop cloud service system of Android company. Relying on the self-developed virtual desktop server architecture, Qi-cloud Android is obtaining the high reliability and compatibility at a low cost.


    Uoolu.com is an online overseas real estate investment platform,provides overseas real estate investment services for domestic customers and establishes an overseas asset opening platform through Uoolu+ to further consolidate its domestic position as a global brand and then expand to the overseas asset allocation field.

    LeBo Football

    LeBo Football was founded in June 2016. The core founder of the company is Dong Lu, a celebrity in the sports circle. They focus on the planning, shooting, production, programming and communication of content which are generated from football and entertainment,including all kinds of self media programs,such as short video,network broadcast,original web series,web-only show,etc. At the same time, they are involved in the underline events and activities. For example, the Chinese football boys.


    Providing on-line auto insurance trading solution for insurance companies and internet companies. Based on digital prefilled technology, Zhitong can provide enterprise customers with embedded products and help on-line personal clients buying auto insurance only by providing car number.

    Service platform

    Service platform focused on excellent and independent insurance agents. The company provides a series of services to help insurance agents to carry their business, including CRM system, ring tones, H5 material and personal image display.

    99 Dai

    Founded in Jan 2013,99 Dai is a loan information service platform, providing high quality loan channels and professional loan consultation service. The company covers 300 cities in China and has more than 80 cooperative organizations and 500 thousand credit consultants.


    www.datangxinghe.comwas established in July 20, 2015, as creative effects of film and televisioncontent as the starting point of the Internet Film and television entertainmentcompany. Through the construction of "fans" and "copyright +online + offline + TV" and "Pan entertainment" Studio, it has now completed 2 network dramas, 5 major films, dozens of creative videos and 400 million streaming requests.

    Genesis Ark

    GenesisArk is Prosperity Investment’s Innovation Service Platform, which based oncollaborative workspaces and aims to help secondand third-tier cities aggregate innovation resources. The business ofGenesis Ark includes VC FOFs, direct Investment in early stage companies,financial advisory, entity and cloud based incubator, equity crowdfunding andoverseas project’ landing pad. With Incubators & Investment, Funds &Innovation Bases, and Industrial Resources & Capital Management, GenesisArk engages to build an Innovation Ecosystem for startups.


    “My Hug” App was launched inFebruary 2014 and aimed at the college students and young white-collar workersof the real-time video interactive community, live video chat to meet strangersdating needs. Different from the show generally live users through "liveyourself" and "watch live" social interaction, socialrelationship between precipitation and the main interactive chat. Currently themonthly income has reached tens of millions, and become a leading position inthe industry significantly.


    dituiba.com is aiming the pain point of O2O,Internet banking and Internet Mobile Games industry markets, and provide theintegration of upstream and downstream customers CP team to push the resourcesplatform, formulate relevant push scheme according to the upstream CP andaccording to customer requirements, to push the team quality andcharacteristics of distribution to the right project.

  • ReachMax

    The company is a program marketing platform provider, and the company's core product ReachMax has become China's most mainstream program delivery platform.

    Can Video

    Can video is the leader focusing onbuilding mobile video brand to enhance the quality of life, and teaching lifeskills as the breakthrough point. Thus let users participate in spontaneousviral spreading. With a highly stylized and recognizable short video production,media content and life skills as the breakthrough point, Can video participate in the spontaneous viral users as the main means of communication,the trend of consumption upgrade service in China.


    an internet financial platform providing personal credit financing for white-collar workers and small businesses. finish customer evaluation and screening through data collection and anti-fraud model, and all credit approval and lending process are accomplished online.

    Top Trade

    Focused on quantitative investment and low latency trading program systems, holding competitive intellectual properties of two program trading systems and a hedge fund management platform.

    Feizhen Health

    Feizhen Health Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is headquartered in the Shanghai Medical Industry-College-Research Base directly under the Shanghai Municipal Committee of Science & Technology and has branches throughout China. Our website “jiuzhentong.com”, by virtue of Shanghai-based quality medical resources, is committed to broad connections among nationwide hospitals, physicians and patients via Internet technology and telemedicine services, improving overall efficiency of medical resources.

    Gravity New Media Factory

    Gravity New Media Factory seeks to solve the pain points of new media operation. A series of new media education training courses are developed to provide one-stop solution to the emerging demand from companies, including WeChat public account operations, marketing, follwers management and multi-platform strategies. Gravity learns the education idea from German's "dual system" of vocational education, and Singapore's " Teaching Factory" mode.

    Handsome Financial Services

    Handsome Financial Services is high-rank asset management group over the country. It holds finance lease, assurance business with multi branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou.The company’s 10 year experience in risk control helps it develop excellent risk management and non-performing asset disposal ability, which enjoys high reputation in the industry.


    FirstBrave was established in 2011, headquartered in Shanghai. FirstBrave mainly focuses on copyright contents related business, based on patented massive video, audio, picture and text searching engine technology, as well as Cloud computing, big data visualized analysis, successfully setup copyright protection system, copyright asset management solution and copyright distribution platform, as well as big data analysis for copyright industry.

    Boss Zhipin

    Boss Zhipin’s unique “instant messaging + direct recruitment” business model aims at improving the efficiency of information communication between recruiters and job seekers, realizing employers and job hunters can chat online before formal interview. Taking advantages of mobile internet, users can use fragmented time to accomplish recruitment on Boss Zhipin.


    EDCO was founded in 2013, and that is "EDCO and triangle trademark" in Chinese brand holders. EDCO operates professional outdoor products, the main products include climbing, hiking, camping, skiing and other outdoor clothing, shoes and equipment products. "EDCO" brand is committed to the development of outdoor sports industry in China, provide high quality, environmentally friendly outdoor products.


    Founded in 2008, Ejsino Inc is an independent insurance electronic trading platform. It not only owns the capability to create new type of insurance but also connects thousands of insurance agencies and agents. Ejsino develops a SaaS trading system between insurance company and independent agents/agencies, improving the trading efficiency of each other.


    Qianka focuses on ASO technique for mobile advertisers and application developers with integrated marketing solutions and strong mobile search engine optimization features, building brand exposure for advertisers. QianKa through its platform, connects advertisers and smartphone users by awarding phone users once finished downloading and experienced advertisers application. Qianka is also a top global iOS and Android interactive platform with massive smartphone user base.

  • MillionsCare

    MillionsCare is an O2O platform for the fast growing Home Care segment of the health care industry, it provides a “demand-response-services” information transaction function to offer customers to find the caring services provider such as nurses, caring assistants as their demand. Besides providing the information, MillionsCare is also managing the people of the service providers and the process of each services sessions.


    Kaistart, as the best life-style crowdfunding platform in China, officially went online on March 2015. By providing personalized reward and strong sense of participation, Kaistart is trying to bring crowdfunding back to essential. Kaistart has created an invasive way to present its projects just like super reality show. The success rate of its projects is over 95%. It continuely set new record after going online, and now possesses millions of users. Some celebrities, such as Kaifu Li, Han Han, Hong Yuan, and etc, are all the users of Kaistart.

    Sheng Ri Guan Jia

    Sheng Ri Guan Jia was founded in June 2012. Take birthday reminder service as the breakthrough point, we help users to strengthen their emotional relationships with relatives and friends. Gift shop with E-commerce is our business model. Cakes, fresh flowers and creative gifts,which are very popular among our users. Sheng Ri Guan Jia App has recorded 300 million birthday data for more than 20 million users.


    Jiemian (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd is an internet company catering for the diversified needs of white-collar urbanites with business and financial reports. At present, Jiemian is the biggest original news online platform in China.


    Qmaiche is a leading O2O second-hand car trading service platform in China, backed up by tangible markets, it efficiently links up car sources and users, optimizes all unsatisfactory experiences and extended services in the car purchase process, and offers one-stop solution to car purchase, dedicated to becoming the jd.com in the second-hand car sector, core members of the team come from top-class Internet companies such as Baidu, Tencent, and Sina.

    Skio Matrix

    Founded in September 2013, Skio Matrix is an emerging company that adopted the idea of “Internet Thinking” in its operations, sales as well as designing and manufacturing new energy vehicles. The company consists of four core business units, which includes “Vehicle Design”, “Battery Manufacture”, “Battery Recharge” and “Product Distribution”.


    SMZ is a professional company specializing in comic and animation copyrights. The company has been providing a multi-media comic network based on the magazine Comic Stories. SMZ has always been focusing on developing and operating comic copyrights for all ages and has made great effort to form a comprehensive publication business model with the copyright at its core.

    Yuelan Network

    Founded in 2012, Hangzhou Yuelan Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a digital publishing company which combines Internet literature with digital reading operations. With 13.33 million yuan of registered capital, the company now has more than 100 employees. Bearing in mind the idea of“smart honest minds, sustaining unlimited innovations”.It is dedicated to provide the best mobile Internet content for its customers, and an innovative entrepreneurial platform for its employees.


    Markjie focus on providing customers O2O promotion solutions based on IOT, which was founded at March 2015 with headquater in Shanghai. The products of Markjie including Markjie mini-showroom in cinemas, Markjie park, Markjie handbook and Markjie roadshow,etc. With the comprehensive core values of theatrical channels, Markjie always offers high qulity creative services and various procucts to meet customer′s promotion requirements with focusing on developing most valuable O2O promotion products.


    Founded in 2008, Skyrocket primarily focuses on developing family Karaoke video-on-demand devices and applications. The company independently developed products are widely used, main products are Cloud-12 Karaoke set-top box, MIKI series karaoke set-top box and etc., which all support song scheduling through WeChat, touch screen TV, Tablet PCs and smart phones. The products and services are not only suitable for home users, but also for hotel conference rooms, nightclubs and other entertainment facilities.

    KTS Technology

    KTS Technology is a high-tech network company focusing on educational information and services.From the day that it’s founded, KTS has combined advanced educational philosophy and cutting-edge science and technology, and has attracted domestic first-class talented experts on technology development and educational research. We have always adhered to the concept that technology should serve for education.

    QuDu Network

    FuZhou QuDu Network Techonlogy Co., Ltd., is an IT startup, which is sepecialized in the mobile software development and the wireless entertainment operation. Our core employees are all from the domestic well-known wireless internet company. Our team was the first team to be engaged in the mobile reading and the games research and development in China. We have successfully developped and operated a mobile reading product with over 100 million users and a mobile game with over a million monthly account.

  • 83chedai

    83chedai, founded in August 2014, is an auto-mortgage internet platform which can both help borrowers achieve efficient funding and provide investors with safe and high returns in a short period.


    Musikid is a leading platform serving independent music producers, founded in December 2011 and is based in Beijing. Services provided include crowd funding projects, protection of such projects through offering and managing copyright services, tour performance and derivative services etc.


    www.fengtouwang.com combines internet finance with auto aftermarket, and the innovative risk-control mode has kept the platform away from bad debts. It is estimated that the company will achieve the trading volume of RMB 0.5 billion in a single month at the end of 2015 along with rapid development of the company. Core members of the platform has once served the enterprises such as renowned banks, and used car, internet and e-commerce enterprises at home and abroad, thus accumulating rich industrial experience.


    The first and the largest mobile SNS for employees from small loan industry. Daily loan amount in the platform amounts to ten millions, including vehicle mortgage, real estate mortgage and bridge loan etc. Monthly growth rate is higher than 200%.


    Joyowo.com is a company based in the Hangzhou that offers cloud-based software as a service to companies for managing their human resources, with a particular focus on helping them with social security, health insurance and welfare coverage.


    Beijing Enjoyable Technology Co.,Ltd.is the earliest E-Commerce supplier in China.We have close connections with other major E-commerce platforms and express companies.Our main product---Express Assisstant, the E-commerce order precessing application, enjoys the most users in China. As Express Assistant helps over 10 million sellers deal with their orders, it has become the biggest data center between sellers and each E-commerce platform.

    ZZHW digital

    Beijing ZZHW digital Media Co., Ltd is specified and proficient in digital publishing. It integrates the qualified copyright resources from Chinese Writers Publishing Group and members of Writers′ Association so as to gather the strength and wisdom of the institution at home and abroad. The corporation is copyright-oriented. The corporation makes every effort to expand its derivative value. The corporation at the same time attaches due importance to value-added service throughout the industrial chain.


    Based in Beijing, Hotbody is an App created for youths that enjoy working out, the App is determined to provide mobile products that would educate people on workout techniques and also to provide a platform for users to socialize. Based on personal preferences, users are able to select exercises that are at the right level of difficulty which suit them best. Individuals can share updates of their training progresses on the platform and form their own workout communities.


    HMS (Healthcare Management Solution) is a newly established, innovative healthcare technology company founded by a group of passionate healthcare industry veterans. Our mission is to make people live longer, healthier and happier through innovations in product, technology and business model. Our vision is to build the largest vertical ecosystem for chronic disease management, starting from the disease of diabetes.


    The first internet platform for financial advisors. The team has rich experience and abundant resource in trust and asset management, and has close relationship with up-stream partners. Also the company has strong capability for underwritten.

    Sweetie Salad

    Sweetie Salad was founded in July 2014, their featured products are salads contained within see-through cans. The brand is determined to provide food that is healthy and safe, where vegetables, fruits and meat are organic, dairy products, olive oil and flour are all imported with original packaging.


    A professional platform for college students and white-collar workers to find part-time work. It also provides interview services for companies (currently mainly labor-intensive service employers) which are looking for part-time workers. The current main business is interviewing services and dispatch services.

  • 247 Technology

    247 Technology has been following Microsoft ecosystem closely, and its major business includes advertising on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox as well as developing, porting and global publishing and promoting games for Windows, WP & Xbox. Its platform 247 Ad Network is the largest Windows 10 advertising transaction and developer service platform in China based on global cloud architecture and big data calculation.


    The only professional company for supplying insurance information service based on E-commerce transaction information. Cooperated e-commerce platforms include EBay Amazon and Wish etc.


    Fangpinhui is a new real estate trading and service platform based on Internet mobility, integrating developer, broker (soil groups) and buyer resource for efficient fulfillment of real estate sales.


    Honeyshare ensures you of two things:
    Note-taking: to gain structured knowledge by piecing fragmentary information at an unprecedented high level of efficiency. 
    Sharing: to extract and share the quintessence of knowledge with your friends.
    We wish Honeyshare will be the best note-taking app the world has ever seen and become one of the finest platforms for sharing and creating knowledge.


    A leading force in Chinese Media Market, Houghton Street Media provides one-stop services in video content development, production and marketing services to the Chinese television and new media industry.

    Kaiyue Information

    Shanghai Kaiyue Information Technology Co., Ltd., the industry leader ofcopywritereading APP on mobile of multi-platformin the development of operations, and the main product, KingReader which is committed to providingone-stop service of book reading, comics reading andbook listening, is the industry leader of reading APP on mobile, supports all majorintelligent terminals including in Android / iOS / WP7 / WinCE WM.

    Rehabilitation Aid

    "Rehabilitation Aid” serves all chronic disease patients. During the hospitalization period, it provides patients with hospital admission guide, Q&A, pre-operation, post-operation guidance; after discharge from hospital, it provides follow-up, pain, mental, and nutrition guidance kit. “Rehabilitation Aid” has established excellent cooperation relation with multiple Grade Three Class A hospitals.

    Wanglan Technology

    CheDianDian is an app focusing on automotive aftermarket service, developed by Hangzhou Wanglan Technology Co. Ltd. The app is designed to be a worry-free car care mobile assistant, which makes one′s car care experience more reliable, convenient and cost-effective. CheDianDian was launched in June 2014. In just a few months, it has signed up more than 5,000 partner businesses, and has welcomed more than 1 million users. It is available on both iOS and Android.


    Beijing Chuanmei Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is Chinese first large integrated service platform of professional mobile game and mobile Internet finance for virtual goods transactions. They develop their own online product ′moyoyo.com′ and application lient′Moyoyo Mobile Game Transaction Client′, treat ′fast, convenient, efficient′ as their service concept, continuously optimize their security mechanism for a better virtual goods transaction service between the transaction parties.


    Founded at 2010, Hangzhou KuaiDing has three main products: 7XZ.com, 7XZ store, 7XZ BBS. With its strong product ability on game guides, KuaiDing established strong game distribution ability, and cooperated with star games like <My name is MT>, <Hunter>, <Fishing Master>, becoming their important marketing and publishing platform.


    The company is an O2O platform focued on car maintenance. Through the released maintenance service information of each cooperated off-line vendors, customers can get a package of services including accessories and time cost. After reservation and payment on line, customers can accept car repairment and maintenance on the off-line vendors which the platform cooperates with.

    Huiyin Information

    Shanghai Huiyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company in the field of information security and payment solutions. It provides a new generation of smart financial payment terminals, development tools, platforms and operations management software solutions.

  • Balangzi

    Founded on July 2014, the comapny is a mobile internet audio content platform, it have Mobile internet APP iting360 and RssdiO, within over tens thousands users and millions DAU. The company is determined to be the largest Chinese Audio Platform, helping people get information by sound in scenery such as driving,walking,running,working out and so on.

    8000 miles

    8000 miles Internet Technology Co.Ltd. , focusing on innovations in the internet and mobile social networking area, dedicates to design and develop products that meet users’ demands and touch users by heart. “Who wakes me up” is one of the very successful APPs of the company. As the first customized alarm clock in the world, it allows users to wake up others by their pre-recorded voices. Seated in Xi’an, the company is determined to stand at leading edge of the industry.

    Lang Tong

    Specialized in the online education, the KouYuYi platform is the spoken english training and evaluation system for K12 students.


    Pali.com is the largest specialized e-commerce company in China that facilitates tens of thousand of satisfied and loyal overseas customers to buy from China by effectively and efficiently integrating cross-borders supply chain and logistics. With the services of Pali.com, all the buyer from all over the world can choose from the massive varieties of online merchandises from all China-based e-commerce websites inclusive of Taobao, Tmall and JD, and let Pali.com to take care of the rest.


    Ibookstar is a mobile reading application with fantastic reading experience.


    Weimob is the greatest service provider of Wechat in China. Since April 2013, it has exceeded customers’ expectancy through miscellaneous functions, brand-new designs and innovation. On the basis of Wechat, Weimob provides business development, operation, training and marketing. Weimob has accomplished O2O, SCRM, Vshop, lightapp and other WMAPP. Within one year, it has come to the top of Wechat marketing.

    Oriental Wealth

    Beijing Oriental Wealth Financial Consultant Co.,Ltd., which was established in 1994, is one of the earliest educational institutions conducting research and education in the area of wealth management. The company has a long term commitment to the activities of training the most outstanding financial professionals and developing and promoting financial planning markets in China; as well as fully involved in the development of Chinese financial service industry.


    WPXAP specializes in Windows Phone OS and has become the “No.1 Choice of all WP communities in China”. At present the company′s business mainly focuses on Windows Phone User Community, WP APP Recommendation and Distribution, and News Media; which further divides into six catalogs: 1. Community, 2. Application Distribution, 3. Application Review, 4. News Media, 5. Customer Service, 6. Weibo and WeChat. Provide services for individual and corporate users.


    Bitgames was founded in October 2012 and focused on creating a national top-class smart-TV and OTT gaming platform. Our “Android Gamepad Assistant” provided supports for more than 600 kinds of gamepads. Another product of us, “Bitgames Game Center”, has covered the mainstream channels in national smart TV / OTT area. We have more than 4 million active users and provides more than 5000 video games, which made us the most abundant gaming platform in industry.


    ZuFangBao is the leading credit payment platform for renters in China, providing online rent payment service with credit card. Started from Oct 2011, ZuFangBao has over 1 million registered users, daily transaction volume over 1 million RMB.


    KID made to is experiential educational toys brand, which is famous for original handmade products. It provides inspirational and diverse solutions for parents to guide their 3-7 year-old children. It is popular with the new generation parents.


    WeMedia, a new media platform in an era of mobile internet, not only unite the resources of self-media bloggers by giving them all kinds of service including brand remodel, advertisement,resource aggregation etc, but also provide companies with integrated services consisting of marketing, training, consult, brand and technology etc.

  • Aidaijia

    Aidaijia is a profession platform providing substitute driving service. Base on the LBS technology, it is convenient for users to find a substitute driver through Aidaijia. It is quick for the driver to respond user’s need. Aidaijia conducts business in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, and other places.

    Guang Mang Xin Kong

    Beijing Guang Mang Xin Kong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology institution specialized in the Internet service and privacy management. It aims to provide a convenient method for users to manage their contact list and help them to avoid spam harassment. The company is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

    Yunlian Information

    Changwuxian is a mobile application developed by Shanghai Yunlian Information Technology Co., Ltd. It helps mobile users to search and get access to public Wi-Fi hotspots. It provides quick access to China Mobile CMCC, China Telecom China Net.

    Suzhou Tianpin

    Suzhou Tianpin′s is China′s leading Android locker provider, whose major App, Everyday Locker, owns tens of millions of users and millions of DAU with a diverse variety of 400 differently themed lockers exceeding all other competitors.

    Heimi Technology

    Heimi Technology is a innovative high-tech enterprise that focuses on the integration between high-end smart hardware and Internet communication, dedicated to provide reliable Wi-Fi access services to users at anytime, anywhere. Its core team members are top talents from leading telecommunication giants including China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, and Samsung. Heimi′s flagship product line, Showboom, is the first Wi-Fi device that is made of smart phone OS, perfectly combining Internet innovation with traditional telecommunication.


    Shanghai Ewan Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional mobile game publisher. The company owns the most popular mobile-game-platform, Chang Wan, and mobile-social networking-platform, Yu Jian. Chang Wan provides full services including promotion, publishing, and cross-settlement for mobile game developers. Yu Jian is an anonymous mobile-social networking-platform based on the LBS technology.

    Dan Xiangjie

    Chao WiFi is a product of Hangzhou Danxiangjie Communication Technology Co..Ltd. The company is a famous service provider of commercial WiFi technology and intelligent router in China. Chao WiFi has been widely used in various public areas, including catering, recreation, hotels, tourist attractions, hospitals, banks and transport stations.


    Xiaoenai is one of the most popular applications for couple in China. Couple can send messages, share location, communicate with video, audio and photo to each other. They can also keeps all their special moments saved privately in one application. Xiaoenai is leader in the field of couple service provider.


    Shanghai Yourdream Information Technology Ltd. was established in July 2012. The product, "Dress assistant", is a mobile APP which distinguishes itself with its focus on clothing collocation.
    "Dress assistant" has gained about 5 million users since half a year ago when it was launched. It also won the "latest" recommendation from "Apple APP store" twice.


    Sprite App Inc is one of the biggest mobile Internet communities for sharing funny photos, jokes, and audios in China. Its key product Bai Si Bu De Jie ranks top in market share of entertainment app on IOS and Android platforms, the number of daily active users tops 1 million. Its key product hot wall paper was selected annual best app in Apple’s official App Store in 2012, market share of IOS wall paper type app ranks top nationwide.

    Kuxing Network

    A leading nationwide video entertainment and online game provider and operating company, is committed to building an online version of talent show, the main products cover the the "QQ video live show", "PP live show", "51 video dating", "58.com video dating" and etc.

    Tie Ron

    A leading IOS app promotion platform and mobile internet game operating platform, tieren is one of the most technologically advanced team in mobile internet market in China. The company is technology driven with vision of becoming a leading software and mobile game developer in China.

  • Juooo

    Juooo is a leading e-ticket performances and performing brokerage firm. With their excellent operation, Juooo already has large user communities with high viscosity in cultural fields. The management team of Juooo is also one of the most comprehensive and professional one in this area.


    Established in2006, Uulux is a professional agent provided tailor-made service for tourist.

    En Niu

    En Niu is a leading third party personal finance management platform. Their flagship product “51 Credit” is a leading credit card management mobile application, which processes more than one billion credit card related data per day. It enables its users to manage their credit cards and further manage their personal finance needs on the go.

    TigerCool Online

    Shanghai TigerCool Online Co., Ltd, located at the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, is a leading online game development and publishing company.


    Shanghai Jinhe is the leading commercial property operation service provider in China, specialized in the renovating the lofts, managing innovation parks and other value-added services.

    Rich Media

    Shanghai Rich Media is a vanguard digital publisher and new media service vendor, providing amazing reading experience with massive content covering magazine, book, newspaper, sound reading and cartoon through PC and various mobile terminals.

    Kid Stone

    Shanghai Kid Stone is a leading organization specialised on publishing of internet contents for children and creation of animation related products.


    Pzoom, which is China′s leading search engine and Internet marketing company, is committed to providing customers with a search engine and a complete solution for Internet marketing.


    One of the leading digital marketing solution providers in Asia and United States.

    Ocean Butterflies

    Ocean Butterflies International is the most influential and comprehensive independent music powerhouse in Asia. It is involved in music IP trading, music production, music and digital music distribution, and music talent training. It now operates in five regions: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

    9Sky International

    9Skys is engaged in online and mobile distribution of digital music across Asia Pacific and development of music related applications across different mobile internet platforms.

    App Factory Corporate

    AppFactory is the largest Apple iPad application developer in China, and is engaged in mobile internet application development across different mobile operating platform.

  • Dream Author Pictures

    Headed by the leaders of China′s 6th generation of directors and Cannes Film Festival award-winning producers, Dream Author Pictures is engaged in motion picture/video production and distribution, and celebrity management.