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Working with you has made Meridian Capital forget the passing of time | Portfolio session at the 2017 annual meeting of Meridian Capital

2017-6-5 10:15:16

Entrepreneurship and investment are a way of proving our own judgment and proving our strength. With the "philosophy of dedicated investment", Meridian Capital has  invested in more than 100 quality start-up enterprises over the past 8 years by adhering to independent judgment and focusing on closed-loop layout, has continuously strengthened industrial integration and built the "gold investment map" comprising cultural entertainment, Internet finance, consumption upgrade and enterprise services to prove and surpass ourselves. In the meantime, it is the growth of those invested enterprises that helps Meridian Capital succeed. At the 2017 annual meeting, Meridian Capital spent a whole day talking with the invested companies about the industry and about growth. It's wonderful to meet the right people and do the right thing at the right time. Meridian Capital is grateful for meeting you. Entrepreneurs are always young. Founding Managing Partner Xiong Xiangdong said, "Working with you has made Meridian Capital forget the passing of time." Founding Manager Ji Wei said that Meridian Capital is honored to work and grow with these quality entrepreneurs. In the future, she expects more entrepreneurs will join the big family of Meridian Capital to share the glory.