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Datangyi, invested by Meridian Capital, receives RMB tens of million in its A round of financing

2017-6-27 9:38:33

Recently, the App Datangyi, a diabetes management platform, announced it has received RMB tens of million in its A round of financing from Ginkgo Group. Prior to that, Datangyi received angel investment from Meridian Capital. The team revealed that this round of financing will be used for product R&D, marketing and team building, and that Datangyi will create a professional, intelligent diabetes management cloud platform and develop a digital-driven chronic disease management model. Mobile medical treatment once excited the capital market during 2013 and 2014, began to cool down from the second half of 2015 and has since then experienced financing difficulties. The vertical diabetes field has gradually seen a decrease in the number of diabetes apps. Datangyi's receiving financing of RMB tens of million has brought hope to the field and further strengthened its competitive position. The App Datangyi is owned by Healthcare Management Solution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The company's vision is to build the most specialized chronic disease management cloud platform in China by starting with diabetes. Datangyi was a product launched by the company in the diabetes field two and a half years ago.