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One Sentence Attracts Tens of Millions of Visitors, Youshu Receives RMB 80 million from A Round of Financing

2017-10-13 18:01:11

As more forms of media offers content, books are not only the carrier of content, but the entrance to more scenes. A weekend with books, coffee and a few cute cats creates the most comfortable life scene for urban youth. As reading has become a lifestyle, users have transferred their reading habits to more scenes such as the Internet. When we start to pursue a better reading experience, the demand for reading-related services has been expanded and naturally favored by the capital market. In this July, Youshu, a community-based platform offering reading and knowledge services, completed A round of financing of RMB 80 million led by Meridian Capital with participation from Zhongding Venture Capital, Blue Lake Capital and Meihua Yangshi. Youshu, founded in 2014, is a "leading reading platform" that provides lists of good books and professional reading content and aims at helping users seek quality content as well as a "shared reading community" that provides reading scenes and a place for exchanges to develop users’ reading habits of.