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Meridian Capital Portfolio丨DeepBlueAI secures a RMB 200 million series A+ financing, further upgrading the AI ecosystem

2018-4-17 11:00:16

Meridian Capital PortfolioDeepBlue Technology secures a RMB 200 million series A+ financing, further upgrading the AI ecosystem

Recently, DeepBlue Technology announced the completion of a RMB 200 million series A+ financing from Zhongjin Merger Fund and Zhongjin New Industry Fund, which are managed by the Zhongjin Zhide team under Zhongjin Capital, an investment institution with a state-owned background. In February this year, DeepBlue Technology closed a series A financing led by Meridian Capital with participation from Desun Investment. Founded in 2014 by a team of overseas returnees, DeepBlue Technology is a fast-rising, important tier-1 enterprise in world-class AI. It is committed to the basic research and application development of AI. The company is now a leader in the AI-empowered retail upgrading field and holds an important position in the fields of autonomous driving and intelligent robots.

Chen Haibo, Founder and CEO of DeepBlue Technology, said, "As a native AI enterprise in China, DeepBlue Technology's securing a series A+ financing from Zhongjin Capital will further consolidate its leadership in many AI fields. This financing will be used to constantly strengthen DeepBlue Technology's applications in the fields of retail upgrading, autonomous driving and intelligent robots, to accelerate the R&D and technological upgrading of AI products in intelligent transportation, education, finance, medical, biological intelligence and military industries, to further explore and expand domestic and foreign markets, and to comprehensively promote the establishment of an AI-based new ecosystem that empowers more industries."