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Meridian Capital Portfolio丨Xinsheng Group raises a nearly RMB 100 million series B1 financing with its app Birthday+ valued at RMB 1 billion

2018-4-10 14:25:58

Recently, Xinsheng Group, an Internet emotional consumption platform, announced the completion of a nearly RMB 100 million series B1 financing led by Far East Holding and Aiwu Capital. Its app Birthday+ owns more than 60 million users, valued at RMB 1 billion. In September 2015, Best Birthday raised a RMB tens of millions series A financing from Meridian Capital. In October 2016, Busines Manager and Xinyidiandian were merged to create the first platform for scene-based emotional gift consumption. According to Xinsheng Group, this financing will be used for the continuous exploration of scene-based emotional links and consumption models, the new retail directions of its core product-cakes, and the design, R&D and market operation and promotion of blockchain gifts. As the first platform for Internet emotional consumption in China, Xinsheng group has two apps - Best Birthday and Birthday+, and the built-in e-commerce platform Xinyidiandian, which together provide users with emotional consumption services for birthdays. Users can access Birthday+ via the app or a small program to manually record or import their friends' birthdays from their lists of contacts, set up birthday reminders, and send an electronic card to a friend on his/her birthday. In addition, users can choose cakes and gifts within Birthday+, and let the built-in gift helper to recommend real or virtual gifts within their budgets. Xinsheng Group, jointly invested by seven listed companies and top VC investors such as Tao Chuang, Jiang Nanchuan-founded Focus Media, NOAH, 360, Yunda, Aiwu Capital and Far East, is dedicated to helping users to maintain social and emotional ties. At present, Birthday+ has a user base of more than 60 million, covering the social and emotional ties of 6.5+ billion people.