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Lingmou AI secures RMB tens of millions in angel financing, led by Meridian Capital

2018-4-13 14:40:50

Recently, Lingmou AI, a new Al retail scenario technology provider, announced that it had secured a RMB tens of millions angel financing from Meridian Capital, Yuanhe Yuandian and The financing will mainly be used to expand the global market, improve the company's share in the new retail scenario market, and enhance its brand influence. Lingmou AI, founded in August 2017, is an Al technology company that focuses on retail scenarios and provides intelligent solutions through machine vision. It mainly provides standard reports and technical services such as image and video recognition for brand manufacturers, sales channels and market research companies. Liu Zhenyu, director of the investor Meridian Capital, believed that as underlying infrastructure, AI will gradually penetrate into all industries and find applications based on scenarios. For many brands, offline channels are still very important marketing channels. Quickly understanding the display, placement and sales of goods in every retail channel is crucial to product and market decision-making. Lingmou AI is dedicated to the scenario of offline retail channel data. It analyzes in real-time the image data obtained from offline retail channels through machine learning, thus helping brand manufacturers to gain efficient data insight into offline retail channels.