The Team

A top-notch management team is the guarantee of investment performance.

We possess rich investment experience, profound understanding of the industry, successful entrepreneurial history and excellent ongoing management.

David Shong

Founding Managing Partner of Meridian Capital

David is Founding Managing Partner of Meridian Capital. Prior to Meridian, David served as Investment Director of IDG China Fund. For the past twenty years, he has successfully invested in numerous well-known companies, such as Ctrip, Homeinns, Net Dragon, Eachnet, Allyes, Focus Media, Eastmoney, Yaowan, IGG, etc. David is a bellwether figure in new media and Internet investments in China.

Tracy Ji

Founding Managing Partner of Meridian Capital China

Tracy is Founding Managing Partner of Meridian Capital China, oversees Meridian China operation. Prior to founding Meridian Capital, Tracy was the Executive Director of JP Capital and co-founder of Huidian Investment Management. She has broad experience in equity finance, and her portfolio includes Surpass, 51Xinyongka, Spriteapp, Houghton Street Media, Zufangbao, Kidstone, Miniu, etc. Tracy received MBA from Imperial College London.

Gaonan Zhang

Partner of Meridian Capital China

Gaonan is Partner of Meridian Capital China. He received his Ph.D in wireless communication from Nanyang Technology University of Singapore. As the senior technical expert in mobile communication and internet industry, Gaonan has ever served as the software leader of Motorola R&D Asia, VP of Longcheer mobile and Technical, Director of Yahoo Global mobile web platform before he join Meridian. Gaonan has rich experience of business management and market operation in wireless communication and mobile internet. His portfolio includes BOSS zhipin, FirstBrave,, Jucaicun,, etc.

Liu XianMin

Partner of Meridian Capital

Liuxianminreceived his MBA degree from Adelaide University in 2004, joined The Balloch Group ( became Canaccord Genuity Asia afterwards) in 2005. From 2005 to 2011, he participated and helped many Chinese companies in their overseas IPOs and domestic private placement transactions as a senior associate. He joined Zheshang Venture Capital in 2011 as a investment manager and VP, mainly focused on early stage investmet. Early in 2014, he joined Entertainment Works (EW) as a partner and then a managing partner. During the work at EW, he invested many stratup companies who later became successful players in broad entertainment business, such as, Moviebook Technologies, Lilworld Media,  Lanxiong Sports, Any Shop Style, etc.

Ethan Qian

Partner of Meridian Capital

Mr. Qian is the Partner for Meridian Capital and the Founder of Wuli App which is a personalized information reading product for post-90s generation. He played a leading role in investing many outstanding deals in TMT sector, such as PP Assistant, 51 Credit,, Sprite App, WeMedia, Zufangbao, Express Printing Assistant, My Hug, Can Video etc. (focus more on Angel to Series A round) He also has rich investment experience in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Culture and Entertainment, Social Media and Enterprise Service and more.

Alex Wang

Venture Partner of Meridian Capital

Alex is Venture Partner of Meridian Capital. During his tenure at Meridian, Alex has led a number of private equity financing projects, including adSage, Weimob, Ocean Butterflies, Pzoom, Juooo, Aidaijia, etc. He focuses on Mobile Internet, O2O services, consumer services and Culture/New Media. Prior to joining Meridian Capital, Alex served as a Senior Consultant at SearchAsia, the largest human resources management and consulting firm in Singapore. Alex holds an honorary BS degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore.