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Meridian Capital Portfolio∣Tmeng closes a RMB 40 million series B+ financing, further upgrading its high quality content

2018-3-28 16:08:28

Following a RMB 90 million series B financing led by Meridian Capital in last November, the digital content innovation platform Tmeng recently announced that it had closed a RMB 40 million series B+ financing led by Delta Capital with participation from Skyworth Coocqq and Baidu Video. The company raised a total of RMB 130 million from the two financing rounds. Tmeng said that this round of financing will be mainly used for the improvement and development of the big data creation system, the support of young talent for Xinghuo Film and Television and the upgrading of high-quality content through ecological operation of data, talent and IP, which are also important strategic objectives for the company this year. Liu Xianmin, a Meridian Capital partner, believed that Tmeng has achieved good results in the field of Internet long video content production and distribution and pointed out that Meridian Capital is optimistic about the development of the Internet long video content field. As a leading company in the Internet film and television industry, Tmeng is still exploring and further expanding business and will benefit greatly from the addition of new shareholders. It is reported that Delta Capital, an investor in this financing round, has long been committed to supporting potential industries and competitive teams. Skyworth Coocqq has rich genuine program resources, and is a long-term partner of a number of copyright agencies and television stations. It will contribute to the full coverage of Tmeng's film and television programs in OTT channels. Baidu Video will provide PC-side third-party video content search channels, helping Tmeng with channel exposure and expansion.